• About

  • I am engaged in a practice which focuses upon the acquisition, use, and transfer of real estate, other property, and capital. I deal on a daily basis with closings and other real estate matters; business organizations, contracts, and transactions; wills, trusts, and estate planning; and decedent's estate administration. Most work involves planning for, structuring, and accomplishing transactions. A smaller amount of work involves resolving disputes and extricating clients from problems and unprofitable or other undesirable business situations or relationships. My goal is for clients to avoid litigation, and my belief is that good planning and thorough work prevent litigation. If litigation arises, I refer cases to experienced trial attorneys. 

    I am supported by a long time assistant, Lynn A. Dyer, who has complementary attitude and skills. Her experience, training, and direct dealings with clients enhance service. She too is interested in each client's success and knows the importance of timeliness, thoroughness, and accuracy. 

    Your initial contact with me will involve establishing a clear understanding of the scope of my work for you. We will discuss the legal alternatives which your circumstances present and the work to be done in order to realize your objectives. I will estimate the fee and disbursements involved. I will confirm this discussion and the fee and expenses in an engagement letter. Should unexpected developments arise during the course of the work, I will tell you as soon as I know of them and advise you of any additional fees and expenses. I apprise clients of the progress of the matters entrusted to me by timely telephone calls and letters and by periodic billing.

    In most matters my fee is based upon the time and responsibility involved. I charge at hourly rates for time expended or an agreed fee as appropriate for the type of work. On some matters I require a retainer. Depending upon the nature and time demands of the work, the retainer may be fully earned when paid or may be deemed an advance payment toward the final fee, which I will hold in trust, making fee payments and disbursements as work is performed. Short-notice work, after-hours work, emotion-charged or otherwise difficult negotiations, court appearances, and special undertakings are charged for at higher rates than more routine work which is performed on reasonable notice and during regular business hours.

    My "tools of the trade" include a library of case reports, encyclopedia, and specialized volumes of legal literature, computers, and other equipment assuring the thorough, accurate, and efficient production of work.